Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tourism in Singapore

The first visitors have arrived, D&V are on their way to New Zealand and they make a 1 day stop in Sg. Arrival a 7h (on a Sunday morning!!!!) and with Changi efficiency, it means 7h30 at home, they have until 8pm to enjoy the city and our swimming pool!

After breakfast and the first swim of the day, we go around town. Let's start with Chinatown, it's local! First the temple which is just around the corner. It's the morning ceremony so lots of monks and music, it's beautiful. It also has a beautiful orchid garden on the roof.

Then we go in park view building to admire the art deco bar/lobby, unfortunately I'm reminded by the security guard that photos are not allowed...

Never mind, we move on to Arab street, it's like a souk, there is a mosque and the lime juices are very good!

The next step is probably the most famous in Singapore, the Raffles Hotel, no Singapore Sling for now it's not even 11am yet! but the interior gardens and the colonial building are beautiful.

And finally, the financial district with the Merlion in front. The Merlion is this weird statue with a lion head and a fish body created by Singapore tourism board in the 60s as a symbol of Singapore.

From the platform (specially built to have a good view of the Merlion), we can observe the theatre with its spiky roof, they call it the durian as it has the same shape as this really special smelly tropical fruit (it smells so bad that the city is covered with sign "forbidden to eat durian here"), we can see the new casino nearly ready (the 3 building with a ship on the top) and the tall towers of the financial district.
Now it is time for some well deserved dumplings in a hawker centre and some tropical fruits. OK...we also had some magnums around the pool once we had decided to give up on touristy things! Anyway, I have to leave soon, I have a train to catch to Malaysia! (see next post!)

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