Monday, June 28, 2010

Champagne brunch at the Fullerton

I have been hearing about Champagne brunch at the Fullerton for a long time, so when J suggested to go there to celebrate C's birthday, we all thought it was a brilliant idea.

12, time to arrive, after a bit of confusion (we nearly turnedup at a chinese family party), we found our table, outside with beautiful river views.

After a first glass of Champagne and a few cheers, we were on our way to the buffet.
What a choice! On your right, the sea food counter: 5 different kinds of oysters, crayfish, prawns, lobster, scallops, clams and mussels.
On the left, pan fried foie gras, cheese, these little spoons full of gorgeous things (like at weddings), roasts, dumplings, risotto of caviar and parmeggiano.

Upstairs, the Japanese corner with its sushi, sashimi, miso soup and soba noodles.

On the left, the full english breakfast.
And centrally, the desserts buffet a mix of western and local specialities.

And obviously, all of that covered with Champagne!
What a nice birthday celebration!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oktoberfest... in Sg

Who said that Munich was the place to go for the beer feast? Singapore is nearly as good!

After a day of severe jet lag, R had the brilliant idea of taking me to the Asian beer festival on the F1 track. So, this is about Harley Davidson, F1 Ferraris, football, Queens and U2 and... Ah yes, beer!
Let me explain. Once passed the entrance, numerous Harley Davidson are parked here without much explanation... A bit further there are 2 F1 cars with security doing its best to keep people out of the driver's seat.
Finally we get to an area where they sell beer. To be honest, we are quite amazed by the choice and the prices!!!
We go from Belgium to England, testing Poland and Armenia on the way! And all the beers are quite cheap as well, 6$ for a pint is a miracle in Sg!

We watch a bit of football, it's the world cup after all. Singaporians are great, they cheer for any one as long as there are goals! (Lucky for them France wasn't playing...)

Between matches we get a taste of Asian music. This time it's a Queen copycat, highly entertaining! On the way back to the table we realise we had been sitting in the VIP area... No one is kicking us out so let's stay here and enjoy all of these lovely drinks, we don't know what tomorrow will be made off after all!

English food

People say that British food ranks very close to the bottom of the world list. As I had some fantastic meals during my recent visit to London, I would like to prove the opposite, here are a few descriptions and photos.
I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

First, brunch in Chiswick with my friends F. Next WE try to add cherry tomatoes and chorizo to your scrambled eggs, very tasty!

and the classic but always brilliant oeufs Benedicte.

Second amasing food stop was dinner at the top of the OXO tower with my friend P. Several points to highlight: 1. the view is amasing on both sides. 2. we waited for quite a long time at the bar before getting our table and that allowed us to have a look at all the plates coming and going, so when we ordered we already knew what we were going to get! and that was very impressive, crab with lemongrass madeleines, canneloni of smoked salmon, duck, lamb and the rhubarb souffle I still dream of...


Monday, June 21, 2010

A Friday evening in an art deco world.

After going to the Park View building several times during our touristy tours of Sg (and failing to take any pictures), we were finally going to the Divine bar for a drink. GG's visit was a good excuse!
First, the pictures of the stunning Art Deco building:

Now, the other main attraction: the flying waitress who goes around the gigantic wine cellar to get bottles out. Have a good look, can you see her?

PS: Details: she wears a pair of shorts under her short dress and her wings are way too small!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The cotton bud theory

I am not nuts, I really want to write an article about cotton buds!

There will be pictures as well, it is part of the Singapore immersion section. So when I got here, R had already bought cotton buds. They were a bit funny with some sorts of rings, but I didn't pay to much attention. Seeing that we were nearly out of them, I bought some new, grabbing the first ones I found in the supermarket. When I got home and try to use them I realise my mistake. They are huge and don't fit in my ear!

Since i have been paying more attention to them. Here are pictures from the choice available even from the tiniest supermarket. Apology for the poor quality photos, I tried to take them quickly, I thought the shop assistant may think it was weird someone was taking pictures of cotton buds...

The normal ones:

The travelling ones (individually packed with cotton on one side only and a weird shape on the other side):
The cosmetic ones (pointy head to be precise with make up)

The children ones (there are tiny)

The baby ones (hard to see on the picture but they have a thick ring at the base so you can't push it too far in the ear)

and my favourite, the fashion ones: Black!

Here we go, I'm done with cotton bud. I hope you have found it as entertaining as I have. Obviously I'll keep you posted if I find any new ones!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chocolate story

(running about 2 weeks late on this post)

Singapore is fantastic for food, this is common knowledge.
Singaporeans love eating nearly as much as the French and I admit, I really like the food here but there is something I can not get used to, it's the desserts. They are usually horrible: a mix of rice, red beans and jelly and on a lucky day, durian!
So it's Saturday afternoon and I'm craving for chocolate so with my good friend C, we decide to give a go to Laurent Bernard shop, a chocolatier.
The menu is quite impressive but it actually doesn't even list everything. There is much more on the window!
After hesitating a lot on a hot chocolate (there were 6 different kinds with amazing description) I finally come to my senses and realise that Singapore is not Avoriaz, it is just too hot for a hot chocolate. So I decide for an iced late. Now, the desserts! C goes for a warm chocolate moelleux served with hazelnut ice cream. I go for the chocolate soufflé recommended by everyone on the Internet and because we couldn't make our mind up, we also try the chocolate tart. What should I say? Everything was amazing!!! My saliva is flowing again just typing these lines. The ice cream was amazing, I got raspberry with the soufflé, it was such a great balance, hazelnut was also really creamy. The soufflé was incredible, smooth inside and just crusty on the outside. It was also served with a delicious creme anglaise And now the chocolate tart, mhhh a really crusty base with 2 different layers of chocolate, a praline and a dark chocolate.
It was fantastic, the only down point being that we can't take any photos! But I couldn't write a blog article without photos so here are some from the Internet.