Sunday, March 31, 2013

Megeve in February

It's not very often that I put snowy photos on this blog so here are a few shots from our last trip to the French Alps

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sri Lanka, South and centre (over a year ago)

R, guest writing...
Running very, very late as we went to Sri Lanka for Chinese New Year last year...

Nevertheless, I was happy to look at those 1 year old pics. So here they are for your enjoyment:

But Sri Lanka is not just about beach and beer. There are also a lot of temples, and ... we saw none of them ! We had been in Myanmar just a few weeks before and had seen plenty in Bagan already ! So it will be for our next visit...
Instead we saw typical snake charmers and fishermen

Relaxed in the colonial town of Galle in the South

And travelled (slowly) by train ...

... in the mountains (they are more like hills) where tea is grown. Of course Sri Lanka is famous for its "Ceylon" tea !

Friday, March 15, 2013

This month's photo: Savoir (Knowledge)

I did not have time to be creative this month to illustrate Dr CaSo's subject: Knowledge
so I took a walk down memory lane and I first went a bit too far:
This lovely English town where we spent a couple of years.
For me this is the definition of Knowledge, a city-university where the number of PhD holder per m2 is probably higher than anywhere else in the world (ok this is not verified by any scientific proof...)
It has one of the largest library in the world and it is where Harry Potter was filmed! (I'm a bit geeky about Harry Potter...)
Unfortunately I could not locate our Oxford photos... they must be on a hard drive somewhere...
So I went for my favourite museum!
It was already 3 years ago, after leaving London and before moving to Singapore, my good friend F and I went to the big apple. And I fell in love with the Met...
And here is a shot of my favourite room

Where else than in one of the biggest museum in the world can you find Knowledge?
And here is where to get more knowledge:
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