Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Affordable art fair in Singapore

I had seen signs around town before but I had never been to the affordable art fair. Affordable and art do not seem to be in the same sentence very often...

The exhibit was in the F1 building, just above the grid.

While buying our entry ticket, I noticed that pretty much everyone was leaving with a painting! Seems like a good start.

The key points of the affordable art fair are:

- Paintings can not be above $10,000, there are even specific corners in the exhibition with art below $1,000.

- Galleries and artists are coming from all over the world, of course Asia but also Europe and the States.

- I have been talking about paintings but there are also photos, sculptures and other artistic items (not sure how to describe a piece of bubble sheet where someone spent the time to insert tiny pieces of paper in each bubble that finally reads "no time"... Love the irony!)


Despite seeing some awesome, horrible, amusing, original, beautiful, funny and ridiculous pieces, we did go home empty handed!

(we are actually running out of space on walls so not actively looking for more...)

Here are a few pieces which caught my eye.

Note the 4 Damien Hirst's and the little scribble with a pencil on the price tag;-)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chinese New Year: the year of the wooden horse

It's been a while...

Since the last post, A was born, so my time on the web has reduced significantly...

Anyway, she is asleep so I'll give you a quick update on the preparation for Chinese New Year. We are leaving the year of the water snake behind to enter the year of the wooden horse. From what I have read, it is much better!

During the recent family visit, we went for a little walk in Chinatown and here are some of the decoration.