Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This month's photo: To the end of the world

15th of November, time for this month's photo!

The theme today is "Au bout du monde" which translates in English to something like:"To the end of the world"
I admit straight away, I haven't thought about it too much by massive lack of time. By consequences, I have failed to follow my internal rule which is to take the photo during the same month as it gets published.
The photo was taken on the 90 miles beach, on the North island of New Zealand and here are a couple of reasons why it links to the theme:
             1. This blog is based on Paris time and New zealand is probably as far as it gets from France, so it is then end of the world...
             2. This beach is so long that it could take you wherever is the end of your world between little white clouds and waves

Theses deserted new zealand beaches never failed to let me lost in my dreams.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Zealand out of this world landscapes

Theme 1: Beaches
The colors of both sand, sky, rocks and water; the driving at 100km/h and the length of all the beaches we visited were all amazing factors!

Theme 2: Water in general
At sea, on rivers or on rapids, water is everywhere! It always looks clear and clean and freezing!!!!


Theme 3: Geothermal activity
I had never seen a geyser before, nor bubbling pool of mud or smokey landscape, it was all stunning!


Theme 4: green, green and more green which usually goes with sheep, sheep and more sheep!
Surprisingly, not that many lamb chops in restaurants :-(

In conclusion, a postcard country: