Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pulau Ubin

Saturday afternoon, it is sunny and hot, we decide to head to Pulau Ubin. It is a small island north east of Singapore. A taxi to Changi village and a 15 minutes boat ride and we are there.

The ferry was pretty fun, it goes as soon as there are 12 people on board and the boat looks more like a fisherman boat than a ferry!

Bicycle shop owners jump on us as soon as we step one foot on land, but we resist strongly and head for the seafood restaurant first. Some delicious prawns and bamboo fish and we are ready to go cycling this time.
We find some decent bicycles and start going west on the island, there is a pretty reservoir with birds, then a resort (not looking very glamourous) and finally we reach the mountain bike area. The signs are a bit scarry, talking about very long steep downhill, big obstacles etc
Finally we settle on the blue square route (black diamond and double black diamond sounded way too dangerous to me!)
Now I admit the blue square was REALLY easy but we saw a bit more of the reservoir and were able to admire all the big buildings of Singapore...

On the way back, we pay a visit to the beach which has barbed wire all around and the sea is red. May be we can postpone the swim...
At the same minute we were wondering about the barbed wire, both of our phones sent us a "welcome to Malaysia" textmessage, so we concluded that this beach was actually protected against illegal immigrants from Malaysia.

On the last leg of our cycle tour, I ran over a snake!!!! It was confirmed dead and halfed (with no head) by R. as I couldn't go to close to check.

Pulau Ubin is a lovely part of Singapore, it's like being in a big park. It's very close to the big city but it also feels as you are miles away. There is no McDonalds; no Starbucks, just some locals running their little business.

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