Sunday, March 7, 2010

Singapore - First impressions

I'm running about 3 weeks late on this post, so I'll have to work from memory...

First thing first, Changi airport, ex-most efficient airport of the planet (now 2nd behind Incheon/Seoul airport). So, it's true, going through immigration and custom is quick and smooth and bags are already going around when you get to the conveyor belt!
Note for future visitors: Only 1 bottle of alcohol per person is allowed at duty free and non-Singaporean cigarettes are not allowed to be smoked in the country
Secondly, taxis are everywhere, they are cheap (as long as you avoid the limousine which all seem to be grey Mercedes) and air conditioned!

Third impression: it's hot (not too humid for now)! I wasn't helped by the fact that it was snowing when I left France. Luckily, our condo (name for blocks of apartments with services) has a swimming-pool and our flat has 4 air conditioning units!

For dinner, I visit a hawker centre. It's a place with a roof but no outside walls where lots of little food and drinks shops came together. There are some tables in the middle where you can have your dinner once each member of the party has got its food from the shop of his choice. That's how the problem of deciding on a restaurant is sorted out!

The city is getting ready for Chinese New year, decoration are everywhere (weird orange and red paper pineapple...), and Chinatown market has doubled in size to sell everything from ceramics to oranges.

The first couple of days, I walk around town, going from one shopping mall to the next, bumping into shops like I was anywhere in Europe: Ikea, Mark and Spencer, Carrefour etc

I also struggle a lot with "Singlish", the "sort of English" spoken in Singapore, it will take time to get used to...

My time is Sg is over for now, it is Chinese New Year week-end and we are on our way to Thailand!


  1. welcome dans la blogosphère! et longue vie a ce blog. Le mien a repris vie a paris mais je ne sais pas pour combien de temps...bises.

  2. C'est encore moi!t'avais plus qu'une bouteille d'alcool a ton arrivé? racconte la thailande et comment tu occupes maintenant tes journées, ah oui et on aimerait bien des photos aussi ( oui je sais je suis un peu exigente ;-)

  3. Une nouvelle followeuse pour ton blog... J'adore tes sondages au fait!!