Sunday, March 28, 2010

A rainy weekend in Singapore

3rd weekend in Singapore and it keeps on raining. Ok I won't complain too much, but the island is really not designed for rain, there are very few activities...
Anyway, on saturday we manage to go for a little walk, we saw the St Andrews cathedral, a beautiful white building and then we made it accross the oldest iron bridge in town (facing the Fullerton hotel) to the Asian civilisation museum. It's really interesting, there are rooms for each civilisation around SE Asia, 1 for Malay, 1 for Muslim, 1 for Chinese etc A way of increasing my understanding of Singapore incredible mix!

Sunday, once bored of the flat, we talk a short walk in little india. It feels like beeing in another country. There are shops selling phone cards and watches everywhere, lots of vegetables and smells coming from everywhere. The indian temple is packed and I had to take a picture of this old guy reading the paper in front of the statue in the temple!
On the way back, I saw this incredibly colourful chinese house which used to be a candy shop.

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