Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo of the month: Windows

No, no, no,no,no
I was prepared, I had everything but I forgot to post it on time...

This month I prepared well in advance! Photo was taken end of last month, and I'm typing this at least 3 days in advance!

So, the theme of the month is: Windows. In English, it feels like taking a photo of your computer but I went for the original meaning of the word and I didn't go very far: This is a photo of the awesome windows of one of the shophouses of our street.

Living in Chinatown is great, these old little chinese houses are everywhere, I love them!

And here is what the other members make of this month's subject:
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  1. ouvertes et fermées ^^
    Deux à deux ! égalité partout :p

  2. Very beautiful, I love Asian architecture :)

  3. Classique-Asiatique, interessante architecture.

  4. C'est magnifique ! Great shot !

  5. Très joli, j'adore, je veux les mêmes !

  6. Thanks for all your comments, may be I should write an article on shophouses so you would get lots of windows! ;-)

  7. Blablabla...
    Mag, I know why you chose these windows, and it has nothing to do with achitecture but rather with the logo in the bottom left corner.
    No comment.... ;)
    Hasta pronto

  8. Belles fenêtres dans un beau décor.

  9. Well, I would have not noticed these were typical chinese windows, but I must admit there are very nice indeed !

    (And commenting your blog is also a way to practise my english, that's fine :D).

  10. Beautiful building, but is it a chinese or a colonial style ?

  11. @ Remy
    I was wondering if anyone was going to notice it... :-)
    That's typical chinese shophouse, colonial is a bit more grand! I should do a post on architecture to show you
    @everyone else
    I love comments, thanks!!!

  12. I thought the photo had been taken in Austria. These windows look baroque !

  13. "old little chinese houses"... Well, this one doesn't look that little...