Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anambas islands or how to dive wrecks?

To be honest, the title is a bit of a lie because we never step a foot on these islands. I suppose the trip was only called Anambas islands because of the proximity of the main wreck to these little bits of grounds sticking out in the middle of the south china sea.

Anyway I won't keep you too long today as I have absolutely no photo whatsoever of this trip. We went diving and it was a liveabord WE; one of these great WE where you get on a boat in Singapore on Friday evening, the boat sails when you sleep, you dive, you eat, you sleep and they drop you back in Singapore on Sunday evening! You are completely assisted and I love Asia for that (at least the lazy side of me loves it!)

Anyway, for the keen divers in my readers: 
we did 6 dives, the first 2 on the 7 skies wreck. It's a tanker (so I'm on home ground:-) and it's really deep: 62m! So we only saw the top of it at 35m, strong current, very little time down there and I run out of air (thanks R for rescuing me...) so not the most fun...
Some of the people with us on the boat dived this one wearing dry suit and carrying a total of 6 bottles!!! Apparently it's called technical diving and it doesn't look too much fun!
Dive 3, nothing exciting, apparently I have become picky after the walls, the sharks, the turtles and the manta rays of layang-layang...
Dive 4 was a night dive, my first one since my advanced open water. It was cool, very relaxing! But I did manage to get cold in 29C water wearing a long wet suit... 
Dive 5 and 6, now we are talking! Iguana wreck, another tanker, actually half of it, they managed to secure the other half before it sank, so it is still now sailing around the world attached to a brand new aft!
Anyway, this one was awesome! There were lots of cracks in the cargo tanks so you could cross from port to starboard, visiting the cargo tanks in between! Great corals and fish and brilliant super structure!!!! 
Apologies, the engineer in me is coming out...
I have probably talked enough for a day without photo, so I'll stop now!


  1. C'est vrai qu'on préfère quand il y a des photos mais on aime bien te lire aussi! ca avait l'air bien complet comme wk plongé en tout cas!!

  2. C'est gentil, promis prochain post y aura des photos!

  3. Hi, could you tell us how to go there?

  4. We were on a live-aboard called Whitemanta which leaves Singapore friday evening, sails all nights and come back to Sg on sunday evening.
    I think live-aboard is the only way as the islands are very remote.