Sunday, May 12, 2013

Manado, Sulawesi

(back in October last year...)
It started as a diving trip but obviously, we had to extend it a bit to a trip in a nearby national park.
As the underwater camera had recently died (no panic, it has since been replaced by a cute new Go Pro!), there are no photos from under water...
It was a while ago, but the most memorable thing from diving in Manado was mandarin fish having wild sex (right in front of us!!!!) at dusk. A very unsual dive, departure around 5pm, just a couple of meters under the surface and no swimming, just holding in place (helped by a very long stick!), watching what is happening on a tiny reef below: mandarin fish, urchins laying eggs, beautiful lion fish coming by
but I had to capture some shots of the stunning landscape coming back by boat from the diving place:
On our return to dry land, we were taken to the Tangkoko national park, a quite unknown national park which doesn't seem to see more than 4 visitors a day! We are now on their website as are probably every other tourists who ever came there before!
Tangkoko park is one of the rare place where tarsiers can be observed, there are absolutely tiny little monkeys looking very much like the gremlins! (back to childhood!)
we went for a jungle trip at dusk to observe them when they come out to feed.

The day after, we were back in the jungle to observe a huge family of black macaque, we followed them from the trees they sleep in to the beach where they go to have breakfast and pick lice from each other (their favourite hobby apparently...). It was an incredible experience, they came very close to us, sometimes they even thought we were fighting for the same fruits! An exceptional moment with nature!

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