Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coron island

Easter WE is only 3 days long in Singapore  (vs 4 days in the UK), so we added a few extra holidays...
This time we are off to Coron island in the Philippines

Actually we never stayed on the island, we only visited as it's a protected sanctuary.

First we went diving for a few days, the area is known for its wrecks, mainly Japanese, from WWII.

Then, we moved hotel to come closer to Coron island itself. It's a stunning looking island, it's described in the guide book as a perfect backdrop for the KingKong movie, very wild, it actually reminded me of Halong Bay in Vietnam but with clearer water!
We spent the day moving from multi temperature layered lagoons to inland lake and deserted white sand beach...


Little note on the side, I came eye to eye with a very big lizard in the bathroom who seemed to think that was his home as he returned every night...

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