Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bagan, an under known treasure

As I'm incredibly late with the blog,  I'm going to keep the talking to a minimum and just show you the best shots!

Bagan can easily be compared to Angkor in Cambodia, there is actually even more temples, but it is in Myanmar and not that many people have had the pleasure of visiting yet. So here is a taster!

In summary, there are thousands of pagodas built by a long dynastie of kings between the XI and XIIIth century. 

We spent 2 days on our bikes, R looking at the sun (maps of the area are useless and most of the time wrong!), me checking that a snake wasn't going to have a go at me! 

Here are the best shots from the new camera! Enjoy!


  1. C'est un temple comme ça que tu as choisi pour samedi?

  2. Oui oui, tout pareil, enfin un temple qui flotte quoi!