Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This month's photo (2)

Hello again,
15th day of the month, the day of "La photo du mois"
I'm running a bit late today (supposed to be published at 12, Paris time) and I don't think you are going to be too proud of me when you look at the photo...
Yes it was taken with my iphone in my hotel room...
I know, I could be kicked out of the group for that! I promise not to do it again.

As I'm far away from a brilliant photographer, I'll go back to what I know: talking!

So the theme of the month is "the key"
Not a great inspiration to start with but thinking about it I found a connection to the international theme of this blog as well: The more countries I live in the more I realise that we use different methods to keep things locked and safe.
So on the photo below, you will find my key to the office (Singapore, chip key), the key to my hotel room (Scotland, magnetic key), the key to the Wifi network (Scotland, internet key) but also more convential keys to the flat and my locker (Singapore, metal key!) and to finish, the funny red thing is the key to access my bank account on line (Singapore).
To do a full report I should have added my iphone which is my internet key to my french bank account (but I was using it to take the photo...) and also a funny looking calculator in which you insert your debit card which is the access to my UK bank account (but I have left it at home in Sg...)
Funny world we live in...

I hope the explanation gives me an excuse for the poor photo, I'll do better next month!

Now if you want to see beautiful photos, here is where you need to go:

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  1. The joys of the modern world! :-)

  2. Not a poor photo. Green, red, brown and white, Yeah !

  3. Un jour, on passera sa main ou son doigt et hop ça s'ouvrira !