Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mt Faber, one of Singapore's summits ;-)

(Post currently coming in random order to catch up with delay...)

Final part of C & S visit to Singapore: Mt Faber.

To get to this "peak" we use a new transport: the ski lift (or the eggs as the French would say!)

Ok it's really expensive for such a short trip but it's on Singapore highlight list and I still hadn't been!
Once there, we go for a walk around the top and as usual, Singapore on one side is nothing as on the other side! Here is a choice of port with huge yellow cranes, big buildings (can you spot the nose of the boat shape marina bay sands?), construction sites (on a brand new man made island) and jungle!

We also discover a design bridge: Henderson waves bridge which inspires some good photos!

To make full use of our expensive ski lift ticket, on the way back, we take it all the way to Sentosa island!

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