Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday afternoon walk in Little India: Deepavali preparation

In 2 weeks (post is 1 week late), there is the biggest Hindu celebration of the year: Deepavali. Thanks to that we get a bank holiday! (that means you'll get to read a post about a long WE in Thailand!)
As it is a very big day for the Hindus, Little India is all decorated! There is also a very colourful market.

But the best thing about being 2 weeks before Deepavali is that it's another key Hindu event: Thimithi.
After a long procession between one of the big temple of Little India and the Hindu temple a street away from our flat, Hindus wearing yellow/orange bottoms and topless queue for hours for the pleasure of walking bare feet on red hot ashes!
Here is a film of the big screen (sorry not the best quality!)

The funniest thing out of the all experience was actually to see the number of policemen around. Usually the police in Singapore is very discreet (that surprised us when we arrived), but tonight, the expendable truck were out, the cars and some very friendly motorbike policemen as well!

Anyway, Happy Deepavali everyone!

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