Saturday, October 16, 2010

F1 in Singapore

I have always been a F1 fan, I even got tickets to the Monaco GP as a birthday present from my aunt when I was younger! So I wasn't going to let the only night GP of the season gone by without buying some tickets!

After much discussion with R, I only managed to convince him to go on Sunday, the day of the race. I had promised him great music but when we realised Mariah Carey was the main show, I lost credibility...
Anyway, we had walkabout tickets which mean no seat but a large part of the circuit opened to us to have a look at different zones.
So we spent Friday and Saturday evening watching qualifications on TV while hearing the enormous noise of the engines by the windows! And when came Sunday, I put my beautiful Ferrari top on (sister's present), we took ear plugs and we walked to the circuit entrance.
We did a round of exploration to discover the best viewing spots, the bar, the teeshirt shop and the pretty lady in short skirt advertising cars!

The pilots did a lap on fancy old car in presentation to the public and very soon it was warm up time (ok we did manage a burger in between)

For the next 2h we went around the circuit, tried to take photos (but the cars are way too fast for a normal person camera so I had lot of either empty or blurry photos...), I then decided to film!

The noise was incredible, we saw lots of safety car, we saw the beginning of the Lotus incident when it starting catching fire and finally we got to see Lewis Hamilton on a muppet going back to the stands.

Conclusion: next year, we are getting 3 days ticket and a seat!!!

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