Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The little things of Singapore (2)

This is the second chapter of the little things of Singapore. As per the first time, in no particular order, this is what I have found funny, weird, annoying and clever in Singapore.

When ordering food in a restaurant (I'm not even talking hawker centre, I'm talking normal restaurant), don't think about getting starter FIRST, THEN main course. Dishes will come in a completly random order. In a group of 4 people, You may have 2 starters and 2 main courses in the first 10 minutes and then 2 other main courses 15 mm later and the final 2 starters will turn up just before desert!

There is no knife anywhere. It is pretty easy to find proper cutelery if you struggle with chopsticks as long as you are happy with fork and spoon because you won't get anything else! It's like people can't be trusted with knive! In the fancy restaurant R took me to in HK, we got a knife at the 3rd or 4th dish, I can't help to wonder if they had been observing us since the beginning and then decided we were ok so we could get a knife! Anyway all of that to say that eating a full chicken leg without a knife is a difficult business!

The opening of a shop or a restaurant is celebrated with a big ceremony and a LOT of flowers. The first time you actually think someone has died, it is more like cemetery type of flowers but it is so frequent that you get used to it!
Thanks to R for the picture contribution!

Final one for today. Singapore national day is on the 9th of August. Structures for the ceremony have been up for 3 months, we have already seen several repeats of the air force demonstration, there was a rehearsal of the parade 2 weeks ago, the entire island is covered with flags, they have created the most annoying song ever.

and they even had a go at the fireworks just to see if it was going to look pretty enough! Worst part of the story, we won't even be here on the 9th of August, we'll be diving in Malaysia!

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this one as well, see you for a 3rd episode of the little things of Singapore soon!

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  1. J'aime beaucoup cette série, continue!! bizarre l'histoire des starter/main. le coup du couteau, ca doit pas etre car ils ont peur car on peut faire tres mal avec une fourchette aussi si on veut. celine la psychopathe ;-)