Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wakeboarding experience

Saturday afternoon, the sky looks cloudy but crossed finger, it is not going to rain. We are going to Pungol with some friends for some water skiing, wake boarding and wake skating. The shop is completely empty, all boats are in the harbour, apparently it is jellyfish season, we seem to be the only one who want to go out on the water. Good start
Walking on the jetty to get to the boat, we see a few of them, they are huge! White, medium body but very long tentacles (if that is the appropriate word), just under 1m long I would say.

Our driver convinces us that there are not a lot of them, hmmm….

On the way to the area we use for water skiing, we admire all yards, refineries, cranes, barges around Singapore. Always such a nice view!

On location, the water is very calm, about 4 or 5 boats around, that should be good

Here are a few photos of our efforts, a lot of firsts on this day: wakeboard for me, skating for R, sitting on the skate and bare-foot attempts for the others.

The experts:

The apprentice:

Just for the fun, sitting on the board:

A really good day out and now that I’m typing these lines, I have to admit that I have the weirdest muscle aching ever, all on the right side, nothing on the left, I am not used to be on 1 board my body slightly twisted, new respect for my snowboarder friends :-)

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