Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The little things of Singapore

I have wanted to write this article for a long time: the little things which make Singapore a special place.
I was going to create categories but to be honest, all depend on your point of view. So here it is, in no particular order

- restaurant are sorted out by their level of cleanigless. A is very clean, B is clean and I'm not sure what is the lowest grade you can get.
But expats are advised not to go for lower than B as our poor little stomach are not prepared for it!
To be honest, I have never even seen a C!

- Napkins do not exist in cheap restaurant despite most meal being full of sauce and eating with his fingers being quite common. On one way, it is a good thing, because it gives some people a job. In every food court you can find someone selling 3 or 5 (depending how posh is the place) packets of napkins for 1$. You just have to remember to bring the spare packets back the next time!

- McDonald delivery service. We knew the drive through McDo, we knew the McDo where you should dress up to go in (Korea), and now there is mcdo delivered to your door 24/7!!!! Just to make sure you do not spend any of the 500 calories you are about to eat!

- Drinks can be served in different containers over here. Of course you have the usual bottle or glass but you also have the plastic bag! The liquid is put directly in a plastic bag, and you drink it using a straw. I'm not sure what is the point but that's the way it is. Another more useful way is the paper/plastic glass holder. Because your drink is either freezing (full of ice) or really hot (coffee) the glass is put in a sort of plastic bag holder which allows you to keep your fingers at a more natural temperature!

- Now one of my favorite, in food court, the take-away is more expensive than the eat-in. Our conclusion is that it costs more to pay for disposable plastic boxes than to have someone to wash the dishes. It says a lot about the price of labour in this country!

This is just a taste of it, I'll come back to the subject in future posts. (especially if you like it!)

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  1. I love it!! continue cette rubrique, elle est trop drole!! (des boissons dans des sacs plastiques????)