Wednesday, July 23, 2014

KL, 2nd round

Our first trip to KL was one of our first trip when we arrived in Sg, this time it's one of our last trip! And it looks like we have made progress! Last time we had not managed to find anywhere decent to go out, this time we partied until the morning!

Anyway, the official reason for going was the famous Redbull airrace which we had previously seen in London and Perth, Australia.


On Saturday morning, we made our way to Changi airport, testing for the first time as parents our capacity to travel without check-in luggage with baby A.(test passed successfully!)

Reaching KL under a grey sky, we spent the afternoon at the big Buddha, a KL highlight we had missed last time, let's say that the highlight of the trip was probably the Magnum ice-cream...

No, the view from the top of the stairs with the Petronas towers in the background was actually quite good.

Anyway, the evening was better, we roughly knew where to go out but it still took us 1h walking around to find "the" street with all bars and restaurants. The locals just don't know it or they pretend really well! (may be in a Muslim country it's better)

It was good fun, on top of lots of bars and restaurants, the street presents a very high concentration of Ferrari and Lamborghini!


Sunday afternoon was race time in Putrajaya (officially the federal administrative centre of Malaysia, it's a man made city with big buildings, big roads and no human)

No one had a clue that there was an air race anywhere, there was not a single sign until we were inside the air race zone, there was nothing to drink except coke which I mistaken for ice tea... And food choice was between pink sausage or deep fried chicken...


Moving on from Malaysian organisation, the race was ok but nothing like the fun we had previously experienced in London or Perth, a bit of a disappointment...

Not to pile onto the organisation, I won't mention how to get out of this place!

Anyway, looking forward to the next Redbull airrace (out of Malaysia! :-)



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