Sunday, November 17, 2013

Langkawi (during Ramadan)

For some reason we had not made it to Langkawi yet so when N and P mentioned an already organized trip, we lazily jumped on the occasion of a WE in Langkawi in good company!

It was the beginning of the rainy season but that did not affect us much as the weather was beautiful all WE, what we should have been more careful with was the fact that it was Ramadan and Ramadan in Malaysia is a serious business! That means that everything is closed during the day, so no breakfast after sunrise (and sunrise is early!), lots of equipment are on maintenance, some places were just closed and finding lunch was a mission! (Which we failed to complete, twice! It would have been Kids heaven (if we had any kids), lunch made of crisps and magnum ice cream...)

to summarize, I would say, not the best time to visit the place...


Anyway, after the first couple of days in a lovely resort where we didn't do much more than playing beach volley, drinking cocktails in the pool and moving from one bar to another depending where was happy hours, we moved back to langkawi island.

We had a hard day on the beach, annoying a crab and having fun on jet skis,

Followed by touring of the island on our muppets. Everything we wanted to do was pretty much closed but we did manage to see a few waterfalls, beautiful hotels for the rich and famous and deserted beaches.

And finally, we went island hoping to discover inhabited islands, fishermen and eagles.

Not too bad, but if you do plan to go to langkawi, do avoid Ramadan! It will make the trip a bi more interesting!


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