Monday, December 3, 2012

Champagne brunch at the Fullerton Bay Hotel

Y and A were visiting, finally a good excuse to go for a champagne brunch!


The idea was to go back to the Fullerton hotel to confirm our good memory of our first champagne brunch ever (or decide that we were too easily impressed at that time...)


Somehow, I didn't book the brunch in the right hotel...


Like a beginner, I confused the Fullerton hotel with the Fullerton bay hotel. Luckily I realized it the day before going so at least we turned up at the right place! So Fullerton bay it is!


Lovely location on Marina bay, the view is not fantastic but still on the water. The Clifford restaurant where the brunch is served is on the side of the hotel so it looks towards the custom house.


The room is beautiful, very high ceiling, amazingly long curtains, lots of crystal, mirrors and fabrics. The sitting is not too big, it definitely feels more human than the Fullerton hotel. It was nearly full by 12.45, some people insist on turning up late, I'm still not sure why you would be missing 45 min of free champagne...

(even if I definitely slowed down in the last 45 min of the day...)


Anyway, Perrier-Jouet champagne started flowing immediately, R asked for a bloody Mary and was shown to the station: a DIY version of the hangover cocktail!


The particularity of this brunch is to have a main course to order from the menu. It doesn't restrict the rest of the buffet in anyway, it's just an additional bit, I had fantastic eggs Benedict, A had lobster laksa, R had suckling pig and I think Y got a different sort of eggs as well.

Desserts were for me the highlight of the brunch, I think the photos speak for themself!

In order to ease up digestion, we got some fresh air on the roof where we were able to admire spectacular tropical rain on Marina bay.

What a great way to celebrate A and Y last day in Singapore!


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