Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miami Beach

This time R is guest writing this post.


Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the other side of the globe for work: I went to Miami Beach.

I know it doesn't look like a work destination but anyway....

First thing I noticed is that it is quite different from downtown Miami with its high rise buildings and interlacing highways. No, Miami beach is definitely a holiday destination with resorts, hotels, bars and a BEACH of course. But with beautiful beaches in South East Asia, why would I go to Florida ?

Second thing I noticed are the girls in the streets, wearing only a bikini and sunglasses. But I won't say much more about that.

The really interesting part of Miami Beach is the Art Deco architecture. Here are some pictures taken while cycling in the streets of the city. And though I didn't have the opportunity to cycle for a long time since I have been in S'pore, I didn't fall while multitasking: cycling, taking pictures of buildings and paying attention to the girls in bikini crossing the streets without looking.



Unfortunately I wasn't given the chance to drive a Mustang. I am pretty sure that with a car like this, the pedestrians would look before crossing...



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