Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo of the month: "Promenons nous dans les bois"

15th of September, once again it's this month's photo day.

The theme today is ''promenons nous dans les bois', in english, it's the equivalent of "let's go for a walk in the forest" (I'm sorry it is really not a pretty translation...)
Anyway, like many french people I suppose it's hard not to start singing a song when you read this sentence, it's the beginning of a kids song:
Promenons nous dans les bois
Pendant que le loup n'y est pas (when the wolf is not around)

As I didn't meet a wolf anywhere recently I decided to stick to the theme of the forest! So I took this photo of 3 beautiful girls in Vietnam during a walk around Sapa. We were heading toward a Hmong village where we had a fantastic lunch with one of the girls (the one on the right) family.
All of them are wearing the traditional costume of their tribe with a very strange comb stuck in their hair! (you might need to zoom in...)

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  1. Even zooming, I can't see any comb in their hair, but they are looking pretty happy !

  2. Ca semble vraiment en altitude ! J'imagine le lunch ... ça devait être un superbe moment :)

  3. Original et en plus on découvre car je ne connais pas du tout Singapour ;)

  4. Elle est belle la forêt au Vietnam.
    Jolie rencontre.

  5. Ils sont verts, les chaperons, au Vietnam ?

  6. L'histoire des petits chaperons verts est en preparation, a suivre...