Sunday, May 8, 2011

KK, an interesting asian city

Kota Kinabalu is the biggest city of Sabah (the Malaysian north east part of Borneo), it's very tourist orientated due to the national parks and islands around and with Bangkok it's one of the most pleasant cities of the region. It's also our central point for this holiday, we tried 4 different hotels in the town, from backpackers to 5 stars, I may be ready to write my own lonely planet now!

There are plenty of markets selling dozens of types of rice, a pretty sea front and colourfull fishing boats.

They also have beautiful sea food restaurant where we indulged a couple of times. Once at the famous Filipino Market; we got tiger prawns, squids and fish for a ridiculous price. You get to mix the sauce ourselves and wash your hands on the table using a funny plastic teapot!
The second sea food experience was a bit posher, we picked live animals from aquariums, we got giant oysters, prawns, delicious sea bass in a typical Chinese set up. Beers came with a label indicating table and consumer!

As training for Mt Kinabalu, we climb to an observation point where we could spot a few very nearby islands and a famous clock tower.
On the way back from the Kinabalu, we pay them a visit: a little bit of snorkling, some sleeping on the beach and a lot of people watching!

Final good point of KK, there are good massages salons, well deserved after going up and down 4000m!

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