Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oktoberfest... in Sg

Who said that Munich was the place to go for the beer feast? Singapore is nearly as good!

After a day of severe jet lag, R had the brilliant idea of taking me to the Asian beer festival on the F1 track. So, this is about Harley Davidson, F1 Ferraris, football, Queens and U2 and... Ah yes, beer!
Let me explain. Once passed the entrance, numerous Harley Davidson are parked here without much explanation... A bit further there are 2 F1 cars with security doing its best to keep people out of the driver's seat.
Finally we get to an area where they sell beer. To be honest, we are quite amazed by the choice and the prices!!!
We go from Belgium to England, testing Poland and Armenia on the way! And all the beers are quite cheap as well, 6$ for a pint is a miracle in Sg!

We watch a bit of football, it's the world cup after all. Singaporians are great, they cheer for any one as long as there are goals! (Lucky for them France wasn't playing...)

Between matches we get a taste of Asian music. This time it's a Queen copycat, highly entertaining! On the way back to the table we realise we had been sitting in the VIP area... No one is kicking us out so let's stay here and enjoy all of these lovely drinks, we don't know what tomorrow will be made off after all!

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  1. I have to agree with you.. Munich is not just a place for Oktoberfest.. Singapore, USA, and even Philippines do celebrate this event with a bang! And don't forget the great bands that perform during this event.. It's going to be a blast this year..