Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chocolate story

(running about 2 weeks late on this post)

Singapore is fantastic for food, this is common knowledge.
Singaporeans love eating nearly as much as the French and I admit, I really like the food here but there is something I can not get used to, it's the desserts. They are usually horrible: a mix of rice, red beans and jelly and on a lucky day, durian!
So it's Saturday afternoon and I'm craving for chocolate so with my good friend C, we decide to give a go to Laurent Bernard shop, a chocolatier.
The menu is quite impressive but it actually doesn't even list everything. There is much more on the window!
After hesitating a lot on a hot chocolate (there were 6 different kinds with amazing description) I finally come to my senses and realise that Singapore is not Avoriaz, it is just too hot for a hot chocolate. So I decide for an iced late. Now, the desserts! C goes for a warm chocolate moelleux served with hazelnut ice cream. I go for the chocolate soufflé recommended by everyone on the Internet and because we couldn't make our mind up, we also try the chocolate tart. What should I say? Everything was amazing!!! My saliva is flowing again just typing these lines. The ice cream was amazing, I got raspberry with the soufflé, it was such a great balance, hazelnut was also really creamy. The soufflé was incredible, smooth inside and just crusty on the outside. It was also served with a delicious creme anglaise And now the chocolate tart, mhhh a really crusty base with 2 different layers of chocolate, a praline and a dark chocolate.
It was fantastic, the only down point being that we can't take any photos! But I couldn't write a blog article without photos so here are some from the Internet.


  1. and my mouth is watering just reading it...

  2. Petite gourmande, je te reconnais bien la!! (mais en meme temps, faut bien compenser l'horrible gout laissé presque a vie par le durian, non??)