Friday, June 4, 2010

The cotton bud theory

I am not nuts, I really want to write an article about cotton buds!

There will be pictures as well, it is part of the Singapore immersion section. So when I got here, R had already bought cotton buds. They were a bit funny with some sorts of rings, but I didn't pay to much attention. Seeing that we were nearly out of them, I bought some new, grabbing the first ones I found in the supermarket. When I got home and try to use them I realise my mistake. They are huge and don't fit in my ear!

Since i have been paying more attention to them. Here are pictures from the choice available even from the tiniest supermarket. Apology for the poor quality photos, I tried to take them quickly, I thought the shop assistant may think it was weird someone was taking pictures of cotton buds...

The normal ones:

The travelling ones (individually packed with cotton on one side only and a weird shape on the other side):
The cosmetic ones (pointy head to be precise with make up)

The children ones (there are tiny)

The baby ones (hard to see on the picture but they have a thick ring at the base so you can't push it too far in the ear)

and my favourite, the fashion ones: Black!

Here we go, I'm done with cotton bud. I hope you have found it as entertaining as I have. Obviously I'll keep you posted if I find any new ones!