Saturday, June 26, 2010

English food

People say that British food ranks very close to the bottom of the world list. As I had some fantastic meals during my recent visit to London, I would like to prove the opposite, here are a few descriptions and photos.
I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

First, brunch in Chiswick with my friends F. Next WE try to add cherry tomatoes and chorizo to your scrambled eggs, very tasty!

and the classic but always brilliant oeufs Benedicte.

Second amasing food stop was dinner at the top of the OXO tower with my friend P. Several points to highlight: 1. the view is amasing on both sides. 2. we waited for quite a long time at the bar before getting our table and that allowed us to have a look at all the plates coming and going, so when we ordered we already knew what we were going to get! and that was very impressive, crab with lemongrass madeleines, canneloni of smoked salmon, duck, lamb and the rhubarb souffle I still dream of...


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