Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Penang Unesco anniversary

Hmmm I'm not even sure how late I am with this post. What I don't understand is why I haven't posted it, the photos are there, the text as well (even if I have to admit that I have written better texts...)
So here we go, today, I'm pressing the Publish button!

Penang, like Malacca, is a Malaysian city with a lot of colonial history.
Actually, I should be more precise, Penang is the name of the island of the inland city of Butterworth . Penang's main city is called George town but is very often referred to as Penang. here we go, that was for clarity/confusion!

We visited on the WE of the 4th anniversary of Penang becoming Unesco world heritage, so luckily, there was lots of activities in the streets.

Arriving early on Friday, we had time to explore the town at dinner time. Not really knowing where we were going we ended up in a hawker for a local Laksa which is a specialty. It was indeed very different from previous Laksa we had in Singapore. Our sweet tooth then took us to an Indian outlet where we ordered some roti pisang (sort of banana pancake)
We bumped into a really big cycling tour where everyone was wearing the yellow jersey! Everyone is a winner out here. Rehearsals were happening all over town in preparation for the festivity of the WE.

Saturday, we toured the city, saw so many temples, kids playing drums or demonstrating taekwando in the streets.

Sunday was another scooter adventure, but definitely not as crazy as lake Toba!
The first item on the itinerary was Penang hill. As the main highlight of the island outside of Georgetown, you would have thought there would be signs? Not really, following buses and looking for high points and after quite a few U turns, we finally made it to the bottom of the hill where we were taking the train up. (It was train vs 3h hike, i went for train!). It is indeed a fairly impressive journey, very steep!
From the summit, we could clearly see the current bridge between Geogetown and Butterworth and also the new built being built south of the island closer to the airport.

Back down the hill, we continued north and got to the floating mosque and the beaches in front of all the big resorts. We enjoyed a lime juice and it was time to head back to the airport, back to Sg!

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