Sunday, June 23, 2013

London marathon 2013

The London marathon happened during my previous trip to London but I didn't take the time to post the photos. It was actually less than a week after the terrorist attack of the Boston marathon. I did wonder for a while if going was the best thing to do, but in true London spirit I decided that it's not because a few crazy people try to scare us that we would stay at home in bed!

So on a freezing but sunny day, I went to Canary wharf to cheer the very brave people who were attempting the 26miles run. I was on time for the people running it in 3h, there were very few women and they all look very fit!

Runners all run for a charity which they usually have on their tee shirt and it also display their names so the crowd can cheer them by their first name. (I discovered that after thinking for a good 5 min that the person standing next to me really knew everyone who had entered the race...)

After a good moment spent in Canary wharf, I went to meet my friend C to go to the Wallace collection, we made it back to the marathon later, after nearly 7h of race, 200m away from finish line on the Mall. It was this time a very different group of people, most walked but were trying a last attempt at running to cross the line, fancy dress were everywhere, a few American flags to pay tribute to Boston etc

It was a really good day, even the sun had decided to come out, and it nearly gave me motivation to start running! (I did say nearly...)


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