Friday, April 12, 2013

CNY 2013: Railay

Due to family visit, the traditional Chinese new year trip (2 days bank holiday!!!) was a bit early this year.  We flew to Krabi and followed up with a short taxi trip and a boat to reach Railay peninsula, only accessible by sea.

It's isolated, beautiful and quiet; very well known (in the area) for the limestone formation and climbing. Our schedule was incredibly busy........island hoping, climbing for one (watching for the others), kayaking, swimming and I may have forgotten eating, drinking and sun bathing, as I was saying, very busy!

In order to make the trip a little more active, on our way back, we visited the Khao Phanom Bencha national park close to Ao Nang. It's not the most interesting national park but we went for a hike in the forest and got some exercise! There are a couple of nice waterfalls where to go for a swim.


On our return, we found a very sleepy Singapore still in the middle of the holiday period. I got a feeling for how Chinese tourist must feel visiting Europe on Christmas day! 
For your information, just in case you happen to be stuck in an Asian country at this time of Chinese New Year, go to an Indian restaurant, that's the only place you'll get food!

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  1. I loved Railay
    The most beautiful beach in the world !