Friday, January 21, 2011

Thaipusam 2011

Yesterday evening, we went to see Hindu people walking the street of Singapore with their friends and family wearing heavy constructions on their shoulders all connected to their back, cheeks, mouth, tongue and chest with needles!!!!
They are apparently doing that to glorify one of their god (once again, check the details on Wikipedia!)
Sensitive people, don't look too closely at the following pictures!

First we watched the procession, then we decided to join the walk to the temple. Suddently I felt very very very white as we were pretty much the only caucasian people in the queue. We were asked to remove our shoes and given yellow plastic bags to store them. these bags were just thrown on the side of the road. For some people finding their shoes must have taken hours...
Half way through the queue, we gave up and let Hindu people enjoy their festival on their own.

Another surprising tradition of Singapore!

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