Monday, April 21, 2014

Bali for Christmas

Again, I'm late...

Last year (...), we decided to celebrate Christmas in Bali. With all our visitors, it was the easiest place to rent a house and have all sorts of activities. Unfortunately it was also the rainy season...

We had a lovely house in Seminiak where we could reach restaurants, bars and the beach by foot (and by stroller as baby A goes everywhere with us!).

First part of the week was rather poor, weather wise, it rained a lot! Anyway, Parents managed to go to the usual highlights of Bali: Ubud, Tanah lot temple etc

Like a miracle, on Christmas Day when the full family was there (all 8 of us!), the sun turned up and after a lovely baby gulling we spent the afternoon surfing and jumping in the waves!

Here are a few shots of the week visits, including the monkey- earring theft, some beautiful temples and the coffee and tea tasting menu of the plantations with their local bat... (No particular reason for the bat. As far as I know!)





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