Sunday, August 26, 2012

Business trip to Sydney

R was off to Sydney for work, surprisingly, I decided to join in... ;-)

On the first day we were staying a bit outside of Sydney, at Cronulla, a seaside suburb of Sydney with a bit of an art deco charm.

When I made it to Sydney city centre, I noticed how much Sydney could look like London/England, both in names and in design.
I felt like looking at Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham palace, Harrods, the entry of the cabinet war room and walking in the gardens of some of the Oxford colleges. 

On some other shots, it's neither London nor England, just a really stunning city with really fancy McDonalds!


On my 2nd day, I took the ferry to meet a friend in Manly, on the north side of Sydney harbor. The ferry is definitely a highlight of the trip.

After dark, we went for cocktails at the top of the rotating Sydney tower, followed by dinner and a little bit of window shopping in the Rocks, providing us with some amasing views across the Sydney bridge and the Opera.

On Saturday, we continued exploring the city by ferry and by foot, indulging in seafood and enjoying a wonderful winter day (18C, same temperature but better weather than London on a summer day)

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