Thursday, March 15, 2012

This month's photo: Glace

The theme of the month is "Glace" in French which can mean ice cream or mirror, your choice!
Actually, MY choice is ice cream.

As usual on this blog, the photo is the photo (taken once again with my iPhone...sorry), but the interesting bit  is the story which goes with it.(at least I hope!)

So this ice cream is a typical Singaporean dessert; it's made of a big pile of crushed ice, then colorful syrups are poured over it and finally it gets topped up with durian custard.
In case you are not familiar with Durian, this is the most disgusting fruit I have ever eaten. It might even be the most disgusting thing (in general) I have ever eaten.
For more information:
Just to prove my point, Durian is banned in public transport in Singapore!

I actually had a more powerful photo of a friend of mine eating this ice-cream, but I don't like putting people on the blog... I let you imagine how that looked like, I don't think he was impressed by the flavors combination...

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  1. ouh!!!la!! Must be really sweet that ice .. Children should love! ;-)

  2. so many un-natural colors don't really make me dream :-s Still, it fits in the topic right? :-)

  3. This is the kind of dessert to which I say: Thank you, but No ;)

  4. This is not what we commonly name "gloubiboulga"? ;-)

  5. Ouh la, elle ne donne pas très envie cette glace ! :-/

  6. moi non plus lol ! je suis trop fan de chocolat :)
    elle est originale en tous cas !

  7. It's not really the ice cream of my dream ! to much articifial colours, very curious.... but the photo is quite nice.

  8. L'aspect semble assez particulier ^^

  9. I am sure that I will continue to prefer italian gelati.
    Anyway, a very colorful photo and very interesting explanation.
    Thank you.