Monday, December 19, 2011

This month's photo: banc public (2)

My previous posting was done in such a rush that I forgot half of it!

So first here is a little bit more about my bench.
If you have been following my "this month's photo" serie, you know that I like to take the photo during the month of the theme. And you also know that I'm far away from a brilliant photographer and that my stong point is more the story than the photo (which can even sometimes be taken with the iPhone.........)
So here is the story about this one: This month has been short on trips, by that I mean exotic trips (I have spent way too much time stuck in the office in rainy London), so our trip to the Bako national park on Borneo was MY chance to get the photo!
This bench is actually a good reflection on Bako's environment: back to basic!
I would have loved to show you the view at the same time but really the number of trees and the sun would have killed the shot so I just went for this lonely bench. Actually there were quite a few like that around the loop, one was on a supposed view point but with a wall of trees in front, another was facing a big sign telling you it was your last chance for a smoke (before the vegetation turned drier) but this one had the remoteness factor built in!

I'll write the post on Bako soon and I can already promise some amazing animal shots (that R took, sorry I'm the writer of this blog he is the photographer!:-)

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Sorry about the delay, but don't worry, my brain is already on next month's theme: Bubbles!

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