Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wildlife from KK

There is one day gap in between coming back from LL and going up to Mt Kinabalu. We decide to use it for a wildlife experience.
After 2h in a minibus we get to the starting point of our cruise: Klias river. Once covered with a significant quantity of DEET (my latest discovery in terms of mosquito repellant) we board a small boat and start opening our eyes very wide to spot monkeys, 2 specific types to be exact: David Beckham monkeys (still not sure what they meant by the name... Possibly a funny hair cut but even google doesn't know who they are...) and proboscis monkeys, the ones with the big nose!
We quickly gave up on David Beckham as we didn't know what we were looking for and for the proboscis, it was hard work but we did spot a few. Photos are actually quite good but imagine that they are all pretty much zoom 18, zoomed again on the computer...


There is also a monitor lizard sleeping in a tree...

After dinner we go for a 2nd cruise where we observe fireflies transforming trees into Christmas trees. (apologies this is impossible to take a photo of!)
Here is a google picture if you can't imagine!
And we also spot a baby croc!

Next post will be the famous 4000m!

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  1. Après David Beckam, je veux le singe Sarko....