Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday celebration

As it is a big birthday this year, it deserved 3 days of celebration! Friday was warm up, before activities on Saturday and food and drinks on Sunday.
Here are a few photos of Saturday: my first flying lesson! R was brave enough to come in the plane with me and take the photos! Miraculously no one was sick! I was close...
 (pay special attention to my landing skills ;-)

And on Sunday, we indulged in champagne brunch followed by Pimm's at the pool. Not a bad way of celebrating a new decade!


  1. Enorme la leçon d'avion!!!!!!!!!!!! et miam le brunch
    happy birthday again!!

  2. Genial l'avion...
    Finalement, te souhaiter ton anniversaire depuis 6057m n'était pas si haut que cela comparé à ton vol...
    Joyeux anniversaire depuis 3750m cette fois.