Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas (in 30 C...)

(writen early november...)

It all started before Halloween. Decorations were going up, songs were appearing on the radio. It went through a quiet time the week of Hallowing, but now it is official, Christmas is just around the corner.
That has now become the norm in November around the world. The problem is that here it's still sunny, it's still 30C and people are still going around wearing flipflop (despite most European clothes shop trying to sell coats, boots and hats????)
So the purpose of this post is just to explain that for us, European people, it is very hard to get the Christmas spirit in what feels like summer but the Singapore government and all the shops of Orchard road are making a really big effort to convince us that it is Christmas and we should indeed be spending a fortune in presents!
And apparently Christmas has to be in winter so 30 degrees or not, there are snowmen, ice, frozen decoration etc
Here is a taste of it:fake Xmas tree being put together

Ice sculture imitation:

Merry Christmas preparation everyone!

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