Saturday, October 30, 2010

MacRitchie reservoir

It's easy to forget it when you walk around the business district, but Singapore is 1 degree north of the equator and it is a tropical island. A visit to MacRitchie reservoir reminded us of that. It is a part of jungle in the middle of Singapore.

We went for the 11km walk around the reservoir. We were hoping to see some interesting animals but to be honest it was fairly restricted! Here are a few pictures anyway.

I suppose if we had slown down a little we would have had a better chance but we were very hungry towards the end and anyway we were feeling a bit guilty walking, everyone seemed to be here for their Sunday afternoon run!

As Singapore stays Singapore, right in the middle of our walk we found ourselves on a golf course!

On our quest for food, we didn't do the tree top walk and apparently we missed out on the turtles on the golf course so we'll probably have to go back... But there are also 2 other reserves to visit!

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