Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bali last leg

After going down the Rinjani, we decide on an Indonesian transport marathon. Objective: going from Lombok to the other side of Bali island on the same afternoon. Chances of succeeding: mmh now that we have a better appreciation of the local transport system, I'm not optimistic...
Anyway, first taxi on Lombok, ok, 2h to wait until the boat. Boat on time but the sea is looking rough!!!
Nearly 2h of trying to find a far away point to concentrate on not to be sick, done
Arrival on Bali, no taxi driver want to go to our final point... so we get the boat company shuttle bus to the first major town. What we hadn't planned on was the engineering work on the road. An absolute disaster 10km/h for 1H30 a new road is getting built but is far away from finished and they have already closed half of the old one.
It is getting very annoying, I'm really tired after the 3 days hiking, luckily R has promised me a treat for out last hotel of the holidays!!!! :-))))
That helps the motivation!!! We finally get to Sanur, we easily find a taxi and then we are on our way, another long way as the driver has less sens of direction than me and stops every km to ask for direction.
At 9pm we make it to our hotel, we have an hour before the last order at the restaurant so we enjoy the pleasure of the most amasing garden bathroom before dinner.

So it's clean and with fresh clothes that we turned up for dinner, there are only the 2 of us so it is very private.
The place is amasing and the photos will be better on the morning!

After a fantastic night of sleep in a bed!!! at normal temperature!!! and without a 6am wake-up we enjoy a wonderful breakfast with a fantastic beach view, we even spot a salamender! The number of crazy animals during this holiday!

and then it's walking on the black sand beach, swimming pool, flying the kite,real holiday activities!

anyway we are both aching so much that walking is difficult, going downstairs is border line impossible...
Early afternoon we check out and get a taxi to the Tanah Lot temple. It's supposed to be better at sunset but at sun set we'll be in the plane! so it's under the burning sun that we admire the cliffs,
we can't properly get to the temple as it's low tide

and then it's back to Denpensar airport with one convinction: we'll be back! There is so much more to do on this island then I ever imagined.

This was the last post of the Bali holidays but not the last indonesian one, I still have to tell you about our last WE on Java

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