Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marina bay sands hotel, casino mall !

A long time ago (I'm very late on this post again) my cousin R and I decided to investigate the latest architectural prouess of Singapore. So we went to see Marina Bay Sands; its casino, its hotel, its shopping centre and its cranes because it wasn't completly finished when we went.
First, here is a small scale overview:

The hotel is in the 3 towers, the casino and shopping mall in the 3 small structures at the bottom and the flower on the left will be a theatre. The skypark with the viewing platform (20$ to access), the 150m long infinity swimming pool and the bar is the ship shape at the top!
In the lobby of the hotel there is a very impressive stainless steel structure hanging from the ceiling.
Here is 1 picture of the full structure from me and if you want to see much more, have a look at the 26 photos on this website:

The interesting story (until we get access to the famous swimming pool) is more about the casino. Entrance is free to foreigners but it costs 100$ for the locals and Permanent Residents, the entrance has lots of cash points and security guards who don't like people wearing shorts...

The idea behind an entrance fee for locals is to make sure they don't go gambling too often. From what I have heard from taxi drivers (who love this subject of conversation), this only make matters worse as people try to make up for the 100$ they have paid on arrival by gambling more!

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