Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday at the races

It sounds posh doesn't it? This is the Singapore airlines race, the biggest race in Singapore with a prize of 3 millions S$, nice!!!
There are 9 races prior to the big one, to put everyone in the mood.

I was ready to dress up but luckily R stopped me just before I got the hat out of the box! This is not really Ascot, or at least not the zone we were in... Pretty much everyone was in short and flipflop... Mmh not that well adjusted to local culture M!

Anyway, we are inside in an air-cond area behind a very very large window. By race 5, we have understood how the bets work, where are the machines, how to pay on time but we do have disagreement on who to bet on!
I strongly push for pretty jersey, some other are keen on stupid horse's name or nationality and the worst ones look at what the professionals say... Pfff :-)
Soon the first wins come (very impressive 18$) and the drinks are flowing!

Despite the heavy rain the horses keep on going. It is a nice way of spending Sunday!
We may not have gone richer (let's be honest, what were the chances?) but we had really good fun and let's not even mention the bus on the way back nor the ads up in one of the temple of gambling...

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