Sunday, April 11, 2010

Night safari

Friday evening at the night safari - It started as a team building but then R got dragged along.
6.15pm we all met at the bar and after a short brief we were off for dinner, it's a huge buffet with great variety of food. I have my first Singapore sling (it was probably not the best place to have it but you have to start somewhere). We took a few pictures of the smelly cows who were close to us and it was time to go for the creatures of the night show.
Very touristic is probably the best way to describe it but it was good fun, we saw some furrets very good at recycling (They were able to put the cans in the aluminium bin, the bottles in the plastic bin and the coffee cup in the paper bin), a wild cat who could really jump, a wolf who could woohoo (technical term) on demand and to finish an enormous python who they pretended to have lost and it was actually locked in a box some of the visitors were sitting on!!!!!! Luckily, not me!From there, our guide took us on a walking tour. He was really good at spotting the animals who were hiding and explaning how they got here. (sorry there are very little photos as flash is not allowed and cameras are crap at taking pictures in the dark without flash...). We admired some flying squirrels (no flying on display that night) some bats and different species of mammals... (I'm sorry I have no ideas how all of these animals were called...)
We then hop on the buggy and saw some more impressive animals: tapir, rhino, hippo, hyennas...We stopped for a second walk to discover sleeping leopards. Another hop on the buggy and we were feeding elephants! By far the best part of the evening: we gave parsnip, sugar cane and bananas to 3 ladies. They are much smaller than their African cousin but when you are that close they are hugely impressive. They investigate everything with their trump and they seem to have a soft spot for shinny white Nike trainers... Then we saw the male who can not be fed by us (he is too dangerous) but his trainer got him to lift his front leg and do a salutation for us! On the final leg of the buggy trip we saw lions and tigers.
To finish, we got shot glasses of the Singapore zoo and the night safari as souvenirs. The private tour may be a bit on the expensive side but it was high quality and our guides were fantastic!

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