Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kuala Lampur

After my long train trip and the visit of Bangkok, I thought I deserved to fly to KL instead of spending another 2 days in the train!
So Friday evening, I made the 2h flight down to Kuala Lampur. A taxi later and we were downtown KL, having checked in the hotel and looking for a bar. We must have been in the wrong area because it was difficult to find one, but obviously, we did manage!
After a nice breakfast and a swim, we head for the biggest mosque in KL which was ... closed (lunch time break) so we had a look around the colonial quarter, it is fairly small, just a couple of buildings and a cricket ground really, then we took a leisure walk under the burning sun (as you do around 1pm in the tropics…) to the old train station which is really pretty. On the way we admired the lighting posts...
We did return to the Mosque where I was offered a headscarf and a long robe! Then we wondered in Chinatown, admiring the art deco market and the colourful houses.

To cool down, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool where we could admire KL sky scrappers

The evening was spent at the Indian night market and finished getting bitten by mosquitoes looking at the Petronas towers.

2nd day: after a failed attempt to go up to the Petronas tower bridge, we decide to go to the famous bird park which is definitely worth a visit. I nearly got attacked by a monkey! To cut a long story short, he scared me by appearing from nowhere, me being scared scared him so he decided to show me his teeth which scared me even more, anyway, everyone got scared and survived! But I have found monkeys much less friendly since…

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